Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

Where: Tayyibun Institute, 8 New Road (Off Whitechapel Road), London E1 2AX

“Tayyibun Institute are now recruiting additional male and female Part/Full time teachers to join our team of teachers in our well established Institute due to expansion.

All Tayyibun teachers will teach their gender students only in a full 100% segregated environment.


Teachers for the following subjects are being recruited now:

(1) Arabic Language

(2) Tajweed ul Qur’an

(3) Islamic studies


The age group of students are as follows:

16+ (Adults)


Job requirements

(1) A CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) check and two references from your previous employers is required. Should you have difficulties in obtaining a CRB certificate Tayyibun may help you through obtaining one.

(2) Experience in teaching the related subjects mentioned.

(3) Certification of authority to teach. (DESIRABLE)

(4) A good understanding of Hijaab and Segregation.


Following a successful application, the following are just some of the benefits offered:

(1) Competitive pay rates.

(2) Teachers’ training.

(3) A good reference.

(4) Course packs / material.

(5) Work in a halaal environment.


If you would like an opportunity to join our establishment and teach at our reputed Tayyibun Institute please feel free to attach your CV and e-mail us at (Previous applicants need not apply.)

(Your CV will remain safely on our data protected system).”

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